EquiLend’s ALD service acts as a conduit for data transfer between EquiLend counterparties in all regions. It provides secure and timely transfer of principal loan data as well as a facility for approving underlying principals. This enables the credit prequalification of principals on EquiLend ALD which in turn permits clients to calculate daily capital adequacy on their proprietary systems.

EquiLend offers its Agency Lender Disclosure (ALD) service to all clients globally. It operates with one global model, enabling clients to scale their business and mitigate risk with one single process. ALD Comparison allows clients to compare and reconcile ALD records. ALD Reporting produces quick and simple reports for credit and risk calculation that can be viewed via browser or spreadsheet.



  • ALD functionality is offered as a value-added service for clients to assist in completing required regulatory tasks
  • EquiLend clients can send or receive ALD files with all counterparties, even if they are not
  • EquiLend clients
  • File management tools allow agent lenders and borrowers to deliver and receive daily position and activity files through the EquiLend platform
  • Account management tools include broker affirmations of new principal accounts opened by agent lenders
  • Agent lenders and borrowers can view the status of principals in the browser
  • Flexible exception rules accommodate differences in counterparties’ proprietary systems
  • Persistent actions and comments allow users to track break history
  • Reporting displays lender contracts aggregated with totals (estimated market value and cash collateral value)
  • Exception reports highlight allocation and loan discrepancies
  • Compliant with US Domestic and ISLA standards


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