Allows collateral providers and collateral receivers to agree required values (RQVs) and send the agreed-upon figures to the tri-party agent.

EquiLend’s Tri-Party Connectivity service communicates RQVs in real time to BNY Mellon tri-party agent. It enables clients to submit all of their values for all of their counterparties in one place, via one upload. Collateral providers can create groups to submit figures at an aggregate level, while collateral receivers submit individual instruction amounts to determine the fund level allocation. The BNY Mellon tri-party agent sends real-time response messages to EquiLend’s Tri-Party Connectivity service, so users will always know the status of their RQVs.


Both Counterparties Are Using EquiLend’s Tri-Party Connectivity Service

Only One Counterparty Is an EquiLend Client


  • Clients can bulk submit RQVs via one XLS upload for all counterparties
  • Collateral providers can submit the aggregate value for a group of instructions, while the collateral receiver determines the breakdown by submitting values at the individual fund level
  • Receive response messages from the tri-party agent to know the real-time statuses of RQVs
  • Displays Allegement messages with trade details when a counterparty not using EquiLend is the first to submit, so EquiLend clients can quickly and accurately respond
  • Collateral providers can set both value and percentage tolerances on each instruction to facilitate comparison, so agreeing exact values manually is no longer necessary
  • Users can receive alerts if an instruction sent to the tri-party agent requires further action
  • EquiLend clients can map each BNY Mellon account to an internal reference ID, and can submit RQVs using their own internal identifier
  • History tab displays six months of past RQVs sent to the tri-party agent
  • Set management controls to send RQVs directly or to require approval by a colleague
  • RQVs are sent in real time as soon as they agree (no batch processing)
  • Set filters, column customizations and sorts according to each user’s preference
  • XLS downloads facilitate record keeping of current and historical instructions
  • On the Static Mapping Page, clients can modify and maintain their tri-party accounts, and collateral providers can associate accounts to groups


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