Our automated trading services—
    NGT, the ECS Loan Market and Swaptimization—deliver access to global liquidity in the bilateral and cleared securities lending, repo, collateral and swaps markets.

    Post Trade

    Our suite of post-trade services support trade lifecycle management, from billing to comparisons to returns and recalls.


    Our entire product suite is developed with compliance in mind. Our SFTR, CSDR and ALD services offer a low-touch solution for regulatory compliance.

    Data & Analytics

    DataLend provides global securities finance data, performance reporting and consulting services for agent lenders, broker-dealers and beneficial owners.

    Securities Finance Platform

    Manage your entire business with EquiLend Spire, with modules for Books & Records, Order/Inventory Management, Seg Optimization, Fully Paid Lending and Short Sale Approvals.


    Our 1Source initiative aims to resolve central pain points and risks, develop state-of-the-art technological solutions and efficiently transform the securities finance industry.

    Ensure T+1 Readiness with EquiLend

    EquiLend Solutions

    View EquiLend's brochure covering our full ecosystem of Trading, Post-Trade,
    Data & Analytics, RegTech and Platform Solutions for the securities finance industry.


    SEC 10c-1a

    EquiLend will offer clients support for SEC 10c-1a including reporting, data archiving, monitoring and analytics.

    Risk Resolution Suite

    The EquiLend Risk Resolution Suite (R2S) includes the Recalls Notification, Returns Notification and Settlement Monitor services.

    EquiLend 1Source

    EquiLend 1Source harnesses emerging technologies such as distributed ledger to develop a single source of truth for securities finance lifecycle events.


    EquiLend offers a true T+1 solution to connect, automate, simplify and expedite all elements of the trade lifecycle.

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