EquiLend Recalls

The EquiLend Recalls UI, housed within the Risk Resolution Suite, provides an efficient, automated way for for clients to send & receive recall notifications.

EquiLend Recalls offers lenders multiple input options to initiate their recalls and enables both parties to manage the recalls lifecycle on one platform. Users can seamlessly track all recalls activity in real-time with access to MQ messaging and DTCC ARMS connectivity with the added benefit of linking recall activity to returns activity via our powerful Returns solution. 

Supporting the recalls process with automation and standardization provides a market-wide benefit for both parties, specifically in delivering key insight into rejection decision making and reasoning for borrowers.

Ensure T+1 Readiness with EquiLend



Multiple connectivity options, including bespoke easy connect inbound options and boasting true real-time MQ message capabilities


Global solution with full STP capabilities for U.S. domestic and international markets as well as connectivity to DTCC ARMS and TMX recalls hub


Redesigned UI clearly identifies risks in recalls workflow while enabling users to take actions on-screen to update internal systems and communicate with counterparties


Intuitive workflow tool links recall notifications to returns bookings enabling users to specifically track returns linked to recalls


Key recall warnings for market cutoffs, MTAs and shortened settlement cycles


Lender recalls are distributed to all counterparties, even those
not utilizing EquiLend Recalls

Julien Delamare

Sales, Post-Trade Solutions
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Gabi Mantle

Head of Post-Trade Solutions
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