EquiLend ESG

EquiLend has long been committed to the tenets of ESG. Since EquiLend Holdings LLC formed in 2001, we have concentrated our efforts on helping the environment, fostering a sense of global community and exemplifying sound corporate governance policies.  

“At EquiLend, we are striving every day to commit more closely to the E, S and G principles that we hold dear, while reflecting on how to strengthen the values we’ve embodied before 'ESG' was the hottest topic in the world.”



By embracing a company-wide culture of sustainability, EquiLend is focused on reducing our collective operational emissions through a targeted reduction strategy. In doing so, EquiLend has implemented various initiatives across our offices aimed at the reduction of energy use, waste disposal and carbon footprint, and is committed to further promoting environmental sustainability across our global presence.




EquiLend is comprised of upwards of 350 employees, based in 10 global locations, across three continents in seven countries, and is dedicated to fostering a diverse, inclusive and socially responsible corporate culture through dedicated, impactful and staff led Charity, Diversity & Inclusion and ESG Committees.


EquiLend exemplifies sound corporate governance policies, including strong leadership, transparency and prudent management practices. The firm has embraced a set of principles and standards that align with our mission to foster a more sustainable and environmentally conscious culture, champion diversity and inclusion and enhance the transparency of our ESG goals and strategies.


EquiLend is committed to making the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company, and to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals.  


EquiLend is a proud supporter of many organizations and initiatives including:


EquiLend’s three employee-driven resource groups represent a cross section of Team EquiLend colleagues from our global business who strive to foster positive and impactful changes through Charity, Diversity & Inclusion and ESG initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

Was created to help grow, promote and maintain a company culture of mutual respect, appreciation of differences and fairness among employees of all backgrounds and identities. The Committee works diligently to create opportunities for meaningful engagement that bring together the diverse people, perspectives and ideas that drive EquiLend’s innovation.


Comprises colleagues in all areas across the global business and is dedicated to continuously upholding and implementing our company-wide ESG initiatives. The Committee seeks to enhance the following four components across the globe: training, transparency, ownership and community.