Mark-to-Market Comparison

Mark-to-Market Comparison allows users to compare mark values, prices and other loan details for cash and non-cash loans. Customizable tolerances and rules can be applied based on collateral currency and mark amount to auto-mark records. Mark-to-Market Comparison offers the ability to automatically submit Security Payment Order (SPO) charges directly from the screen to DTCC (for U.S. securities). Prices for the comparison can be sent by the client or automatically applied based on EquiLend’s pricing source.

Global Investor/ISF Awards 2022
Best Post-Trade Service Provider Globally

How Mark-to-Market Works

  • OneFile is leveraged to generate marks comparison

  • A matching and comparison algorithm will highlight breaks on the old price, new price, quantity and mark amount that falls outside an agreed-upon tolerance

  • Matched and matched-within-tolerance records are returned to both counterparties in a standardized file, which can be integrated into a firm’s proprietary system

  • Items that fall outside the specified tolerance can be reconciled on screen in real time

  • Total mark value figures are agreed upon for cash collateral movements

  • SPO charges for matched and reconciled records are automatically sent to DTCC


  • Leverages OneFile

  • Processes cash and non-cash mark records

  • Flexible tolerances and rules may be applied for specific currencies

  • Easily reconcile in real time directly on the screens

  • Aggregated security-level view and lot-level detail

  • Ability to automatically submit Security Payment Order (SPO) charges directly from Mark-to-Market screen to DTCC

  • SPO charges stored online for 6 months with XLS file download available

  • Interactive comments allow client and counterparty to record notes on a break

  • Reconciliation results can be automatically integrated into a firm’s proprietary system

  • A customizable browser interface, filters and global actions facilitate a simplified online reconciliation process

Returns & Recalls

The EquiLend Returns & Recalls services provide an efficient, automated way for borrowers and lenders to send return or recall notifications.


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