Risk Resolution Suite (R2S)

The EquiLend Risk Resolution Suite (R2S) includes the Recalls Notification, Returns Notification and Settlement Monitor services all in one place, designed to facilitate seamless connectivity, monitor intra-day risks and streamline data across all three global solutions within a single user interface.

  • Multiple connectivity options, including bespoke easy connect inbound options and boasting true real-time MQ message capabilities
  • Global solution with connectivity to DTCC ARMS and full STP capabilities for U.S. domestic and international markets
  • Redesigned UI clearly identifies risks in recalls workflow while enabling users to take actions on-screen to update internal systems and communicate with counterparties 
  • Intuitive workflow tool links recall notifications to returns bookings enabling users to specifically track returns linked to recalls
  • Key recall warnings for market cutoffs, MTAs and Recalls not covered by due date
  • Multiple connectivity options, including bespoke easy connect inbound options
  • Global solution supporting U.S. domestic and international returns processing
  • Redesigned UI complements EquiLend’s powerful return notifications and processing platform with new functionality designed to pinpoint risks and facilitate greater collaboration between counterparties
  • Intuitive workflow capabilities enable teams to hand-off tasks throughout the return lifecycle for seamless returns management and clear risk resolution
  • The automated UI offers all users a consistent view into the latest status of returns messages between the borrower and lender
  • Global pre-matching, settlement risk and fails management engine which identifies booking errors, indicative penalties and inaccurate settlement instructions
  • Provides a centralized view of all intra-day activity with real-time feeds taken from EquiLend Exposure, SSI Repository, Recalls, Returns and Unified Comparison
  • Facilitates automated trade rebooks; breaks corrected on-screen feed into the user’s system
  • Calculates indicative penalties for all trades in scope, including CSDR markets, tracking market cutoffs while highlighting the riskiest trades for prioritization

Key features include:

Latest PTS, NGT and DataLend data is displayed across Recalls, Returns and Settlement Monitor UIs
All solutions seamlessly interact and connect with each other
Recalls, Returns and Settlement Monitor housed within a single UI suite

Julien Delamare

Sales, Post-Trade Solutions
+44 20 4574 3272

Gabi Mantle

Head of Post-Trade Solutions
+44 203 023 8377