Returns & Recalls

The EquiLend Returns & Recalls services provide an efficient, automated way for borrowers and lenders to send return or recall notifications. 

Global Investor/ISF Awards 2022
Best Post-Trade Service Provider Globally

How Returns & Recalls Works

  • A counterparty initiates a return/recall for a specific contract using a unique EquiLend ID, or may issue a more general return/recall for one or more securities

  • The recipient may acknowledge the receipt of a return/recall via the EquiLend screen or through messages integrated into their prop system

  • EquiLend provides reporting and tracking capabilities to monitor return/recall status online


  • Initiate returns/recalls via the browser, XLS file uploads or messaging

  • Set system to automatically acknowledge the return/recall or have active control

  • Ability to bilaterally agree on customized cut-off times by market

  • Through a direct link to the DTCC ARMS hub, EquiLend clients can recall U.S. securities from non-EquiLend clients with whom they have transacted

  • Ability to return or recall all global equity and fixed income securities

Julien Delamare

Sales, Post-Trade Solutions
+44 20 4574 3272

Gabi Mantle

Head of Post-Trade Solutions EMEA & APAC
+44 203 023 8377