Dividend Comparison

Dividend Comparison

Compare dividend claims and payment details with Dividend Comparison, which highlights breaking information between two counterparties.

ISF Awards 2020
Best Post-Trade Service Provider Americas, EMEA (tied)

How It Works

  • Files are submitted by both counterparties 

  • Claims are compared and discrepancies identified using a multi-step algorithm

  • Counterparties resolve breaks on the browser and messaging is sent back, which can automatically update a client’s proprietary system

  • Pre-advice functionality allows users to send claim payment details; alternatively, a client can send a one-sided file and the receiver can affirm the claim and payment details


  • Data delivery by browser entry, FTP or XLS file upload

  • Pre-advice offers payment instructions, which can be received by a firm’s proprietary system

  • Customizable tolerances by currency

  • Two-sided comparison or single file delivery with counterparty affirmation

  • Public and private comments to record notes on a break

  • Ages unresolved breaks prior to and post pay date

  • Reduces time spent manually reconciling & paying or making claims

  • History tab displays data from past runs

  • Get paid on time!

Unified Comparison

Unified Comparison is the nucleus for post-trade lifecycle management and a gateway into all the other PTS products available within EquiLend. By connecting to Unified Comparison, you will reduce downstream lifecycle noise and be positioned to adhere to future regulatory initiatives.

Iain Mackay

Iain Mackay

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Rowena Brown

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