Ensure T+1 readiness with EquiLend

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA) have confirmed that standard securities clearing and settlement cycles will be shortened to T+1 on 28 May 2024. For markets, this means a demand for increased speed at every touchpoint in the trade lifecycle. 

EquiLend offers a true T+1 solution to connect, automate, simplify and expedite all elements of the trade lifecycle.

Countdown to T+1 in the U.S.


In a recent research study, Citi found that 64% of market participants are looking to upgrade or replace their technology platforms, followed by 55% who are focused on automating internal 
processes in preparation for T+1.

Connect with your counterparty more easily across our interconnected solutions from execution to settlement and data reporting.

T+1-Ready Solutions

Execution of trades for faster settlement with NGT, and access a real-time market view with Competitive Bid

NEW Risk Resolution Suite (R2S) combines EquiLend’s Recalls, Returns and Settlement Monitor solutions housed within a single UI suite enabling users to gain efficiency across key PTS lifecycle events and maintain T+1 compliance

  • Identify threats to settlement with Settlement Monitor and manage risk and penalty fees centrally
  • Automatically connect to Recalls or Returns and choose to automate or have active control with bespoke rules to execute and agree Recalls and Returns in real time 
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Execute seamless collateral agreements and mobilize tri-party collateral cover with EquiLend Exposure

Reconciliations will be eliminated for users of EquiLend 1Source, the DLT-based source of truth for the securities finance industry, in support of timely settlement


Our suite of T+1-ready solutions deliver faster execution in line with the expectations of T+1, leveraging existing EquiLend connectivity.


Reduce latency and improve accuracy across the full trade lifecycle with workflows and exceptions management


Multiple opportunities to connect to EquiLend T+1 solutions: via user interface on platform, via SFTP with multiple file types supported and via API


Reduction in manual processing with greater opportunities for automation across the board


Increased trade-level transparency for both sides with real-time data

T+1 Insight

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Head of Trading Solutions
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Head of Post-Trade Solutions
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Director CRM, North America
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