EquiLend 1Source

EquiLend’s 1Source initiative aims to resolve central pain points and risks, develop state-of-the-art technological solutions and efficiently transform the securities finance industry.

EquiLend 1Source was pioneered by an EquiLend-convened Digital Transformation Working Group made up of market participants representing a broad cross-section of the industry, whose goal is to solve key challenges facing the industry. The initiative harnesses emerging technologies such as distributed ledger to develop a single source of truth for securities finance lifecycle events.

The first undertaking of the EquiLend 1Source initiative is to eliminate the reconciliation of securities lending transactions, which was identified by the working group as the most pressing issue facing the industry.

EquiLend 1Source serves as a single source of truth
for the securities finance industry, offering:

A universal source of data for the industry

Established operating procedures that produce predictable and consistent results for participants

A central record of the agreements made between parties

Disseminated changes to all systems that maintain a copy of the shared truth

EquiLend 1Source News & Insight

Standardization Through Regulation Is Key to Progressive Digital Transformation

In our latest insight piece, we unpack how regulation and new innovative solutions leveraging distributed ledger technology are serving as tools to deliver standardization while bringing efficiencies to the marketplace. EquiLend’s 1Source initiative is here to do just that and more, providing a “single source of truth” for the industry by eradicating reconciliation challenges.

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A Bright Future in Finance: Securities Finance Times Issue 321

EquiLend’s Yuka Hasumi, Head of Sales & CRM Japan, sat down with Securities Finance Times to discuss the details of our 1Source initiative and how it will transform the securities finance industry while reflecting on regulatory developments and the roadmap ahead for 2023 and beyond, seeing continued innovations across our entire ecosystem of solutions.

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The Art of the Possible: Securities Finance Times Issue 320

At the recent Beneficial Owners’ International Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference hosted by IMN, EquiLend’s Gary Klahr, Director of Strategic Initiatives, discussed the ways in which distributed ledger technology can be harnessed to address industry pain points while highlighting the efficiencies EquiLend’s 1Source initiative is bringing to the marketplace.

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EquiLend 1Source will be available industry-wide and interoperable with any vendor, utility or other party interested in connecting. Contact us at EQUILENDCRM@EQUILEND.COM today to learn more about how we are efficiently transforming the industry with EquiLend 1Source—and how you can join the movement.

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