Fully Paid Lending with EquiLend Spire

CJ Emson

June 2023

Fully Paid Lending (FPL) with EquiLend Spire

EquiLend has strived to be a driver for operational efficiency through technological advancement throughout our entire history. With a more than 20-year history operating widely used systems for the securities finance market, EquiLend offers a range of Trading, Post-Trade, RegTech, Data & Analytics and Platform Solutions which service the full trade lifecycle front-to-back.  

As part of the EquiLend Spire suite of Securities Finance Platform Solutions, EquiLend’s Fully Paid Lending (FPL) system delivers a comprehensive FPL engine to firms which offer FPL as a service, as well as a full-fledged solution for those looking to start an FPL offering. 

Operating as a straight-through processing automated solution from point of trade until transfer to post-trade, the Spire inventory functionality within the FPL solution ingests all account info and holdings, aggregating these into one portfolio. Clients can leverage the connectivity to EquiLend NGT here to broadcast inventory out to borrowers in the market. 

Within FPL, auto-borrow functionality processes inbound borrowing requests and responds via the FPL system, applying rules and configurations and leveraging a fair distribution algorithm and assessment of availability as part of the automated process. 

Segregation is also managed as part of the FPL functionality. Shares can be instructed for release from segregation and journal entries posted to the underlying client system of stock record with FPL’s robust bidirectional communication. 

The FPL engine offers in-depth reporting across the lifecycle of the securities lending trades including daily confirmations, statement of earnings and collateralization reporting. Additionally, it allocates trades to the underlying account and can transfer this to EquiLend’s Post-Trade Solutions for further lifecycle events to be managed (i.e. contract compare, marks, billing compare, etc). As with all other EquiLend Spire systems, FPL is equally interoperable with any other technology vendor a client may choose. 

With FPL, firms can confidently manage the entire lifecycle of the FPL process globally and connect to a books and records solution with seamless interconnectivity with EquiLend’s entire ecosystem of technology solutions. 

Get in touch with us today for a demo by contacting EquiLendCRM@equilend.com. 

Who We Are

EquiLend is a global financial technology firm offering Trading, Post-Trade, Data & Analytics, RegTech and Platform Solutions for the securities finance industry. EquiLend has offices in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific and is regulated in jurisdictions around the globe.