EquiLend Releases NGT Enhancements – December 2020


EquiLend Releases NGT Enhancements - December 2020

December 2020

At EquiLend, we know that providing best in class securities finance solutions means the task to address evolving industry conditions is ongoing. That’s why we regularly enhance our technologies with new features to best support our users.  

Transparency Enhancements - December 2020

Introducing new transparency promoting enhancements now live on our Next Generation Trading (NGT) platform 

Trade Blotter Enhancements 

New security search capabilities 

Displays summary of the total trade count on each Trade Blotter category (Accepted, Rejected, Errors, OCC and EUREX). 


New security record search results 

Displays accepted, rejected, and error results for Accepted, OCC and EUREX tabs. Count of total records is also displayed for New, Downloaded and All tabs. 


New daily trade activity lookback capabilities 

View up to 30 days of daily trade activity history through our customizable date filter.   


New error navigation abilities 

View enhanced information relating to the cause of erroroccurring during receipt of Indications of Interest (IOI), Availability (AVPO), Firm Requests (ABIN) and Order Acceptance (ORAC/LOAC).  Information is further available for download into Excel.  

Order Book Enhancements  

New Executed Order View   

Maintain a historical view of accepted, rejected and/or errored orders in the bottom panel of the Order Book for a convenient view into previous order activity made within a list/batch. 

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