Collateral Trading

Collateral Trading

EquiLend Collateral Trading offers funding and financing desks a centralized way to execute and manage trade structures with their counterparties. Collateral Trading supports collateral trade negotiation, execution and management of lifecycle events, such as substitutions and transaction rolls.


EquiLend Delves into Collateral Trading and Exposure Management

Collateral trading and exposure management have become important issues to financial institutions concerned with efficiency and balance sheet costs. By creating flexible and dynamic processes that take advantage of new trading markets for collateral, EquiLend continues its mission of solving these kinds of complex industry challenges as a trusted technology partner.

How It Works

  • Bid and Offer

    Counterparties can post bids and/or offers for the collateral upgrade or downgrade trade structure

  • Negotiate and Agree

    Clients can negotiate and agree on fixed, evergreen and extendible trade baskets

  • Allocate and Communicate

    After the basket has been agreed, clients can allocate the underlying basket constituents or collateral and communicate it to one another

  • Manage Trade Lifecycle

    Throughout the tenure of the loan, clients can manage trade lifecycle events such as substitutions and transaction rolls



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