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EquiLend Securities Finance Q2 Lookback

Mike Norwood, Head of EquiLend Trading Solutions, provides insight into the market trends seen throughout Q2 while reflecting on EquiLend’s record quarter in relation to volumes traded across the global platform, resulting in growth year over year.


CSDR Client Concerns: Part 4

In our CSDR Client Concerns series we’ve considered each of the points causing clients the greatest concerns ahead of CSDR and examined each in practice since CSDR go-live in Feb 2022. One issue which has only been lightly considered is that of liquidity. Has market liquidity been negatively impacted by increased regulation?

Quarterly Lookback

EquiLend Securities Finance Q1 Market Lookback

EquiLend Trading saw a record-breaking quarter in relation to both volumes and notional traded across the platform, representing significant growth year over year. @Mike Norwood, EquiLend’s Global Trading Product Owner, reflects on the trends seen in the market since the start of the year and EquiLend’s continued growth and increasing volumes across our trading platform.


CSDR Client Concerns: Part 3

The European Settlement Regime has brought unexpected challenges for market participants in securities finance. In part 3 of our #CSDR concerns series, we explore the CSDR impact on collateral and the staggering impact on returns within the securities lending trade lifecycle.


CSDR Client Concerns: Part 2

In part 2 of our CSDR concerns series, we’re focused on the impact of the regulation on Standard Settlement Instructions and repository and how Settlement Monitor has saved thousands of pounds in CSDR fines for clients.


CSDR Client Concerns: Part 1

EquiLend surveyed our community of clients to better understand their concerns for the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR). In part one of our 5-part series, we’ll focus on the importance of pre-matching and the impact on returns introduced by CSDR.


Here’s where I stand on talent and our workforce

Management Insight Here’s where I stand on talent and our workforce Brian Lamb DEC 2021 Without meaning to state the obvious, we are in new territory when it comes to talent and the workforce. These issues have always been important for executives, but the seismic changes to the working world brought about by the pandemic

CSDR Insight Content

CSDR: Solutions in Technology

CSDR is finally scheduled for implementation in February 2022, yet despite the delays, the requirement to prepare effectively for CSDR is no less for the uncertainty surrounding it.


Securities Finance: The Future

On June 4, 2020, we curated a live-streamed panel of global industry experts representing ICMA, ISLA, RMA and CASLA as they debated the impactful, sudden change that swept across securities finance with COVID-19 and how the industry will navigate the new environment in the future.
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