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Mike Norwood, Head of EquiLend Trading Solutions, gives his
monthly take on trading data and market movements.

Fully Paid Lending with EquiLend Spire

As part of the EquiLend Spire suite of Securities Finance Platform Solutions, EquiLend’s Fully Paid Lending (FPL) system delivers a comprehensive FPL engine to firms which offer FPL as a service, as well as a full-fledged solution for those looking to start an FPL offering.

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A Deep Dive into EquiLend Competitive Bid

Mike Norwood, Head of EquiLend Trading Solutions, dives into the key functionality, interconnectivity and enhancements on the horizon for EquiLend Competitive Bid, a new hybrid screen and messaging-based NGT workflow built for trading in the hard-to-borrow marketplace.

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Standardization Through Regulation Is Key to Progressive Digital Transformation

In our latest insight piece, we unpack how regulation and new innovative solutions leveraging distributed ledger technology are serving as tools to deliver standardization while bringing efficiencies to the marketplace. EquiLend’s 1Source initiative is here to do just that and more, providing a “single source of truth” for the industry by eradicating reconciliation challenges.

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A Bright Future in Finance: Securities Finance Times Issue 321

EquiLend’s Yuka Hasumi, Head of Sales & CRM Japan, sat down with Securities Finance Times to discuss the details of our 1Source initiative and how it will transform the securities finance industry while reflecting on regulatory developments and the roadmap ahead for 2023 and beyond, seeing continued innovations across our entire ecosystem of solutions.

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The Art of the Possible: Securities Finance Times Issue 320

At the recent Beneficial Owners’ International Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference hosted by IMN, EquiLend’s Gary Klahr, Director of Strategic Initiatives, discussed the ways in which distributed ledger technology can be harnessed to address industry pain points while highlighting the efficiencies EquiLend’s 1Source initiative is bringing to the marketplace.

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Monthly Market Review November 2022

Mike Norwood, Head of EquiLend Trading Solutions, unpicks November’s trading reporting and shapes a picture of trends in the securities finance market in November’s Securities Lending Trading Analysis.

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The Challenges of Changing Regulation in Securities Finance

EquiLend’s Kevin McNulty, Head of RegTech Solutions and Iain MacKay, RegTech Solutions Product Owner, were both featured on panels during the Securities Finance Times Winter Symposium discussing regulatory impacts seen across the industry and the road ahead for securities finance regulation.

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Securities Finance: The Future

On June 4, 2020, we curated a live-streamed panel of global industry experts representing ICMA, ISLA, RMA and CASLA as they debated the impactful, sudden change that swept across securities finance with COVID-19 and how the industry will navigate the new environment in the future.
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