Effectively Managing Collateral With EquiLend Exposure

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December 2020

Recent market volatility has placed increased focus on collateral management and the ability to manage your trading exposures quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our range of connected technology solutions throughout the trade lifecycle help to solve this. 

EquiLend Exposure is supported by Unified Comparison, our leading post-trade solution. EquiLend Exposure enables end users to both identify discrepancies and investigate and resolve these discrepancies with ease while enabling collateral teams to effectively manage collateral requirements based on real-time information. 

EquiLend’s Unified Comparison was built to be future proof. The solution has proven that the ability to manage the reconciliation process efficiently from point of trade through post-trade and across the trade lifecycle to encompass fails, recalls and reallocations can be managed seamlessly. 

SFTR and impending CSDR regulations have necessitated collateral management efficiencies, streamlining of post-trade functions, increased reporting accuracy and reconciliation of trade instructions. Our interoperable solutions will position your firm for the future. 

Simplification of the Trade Lifecycle for EquiLend Exposure Clients

EquiLend Exposure: Benefits at a Glance

One System to manage exposure and reconcile breaks 

  • Single View highlighting intra-day exposure risk and over-collateralized lending 
  • Increased Accuracy: Actual and forecasted exposure numbers are calculated and split by counterpart and collateral type
  • Real-Time Monitoring:Track changes in collateral requirements based on intraday activity 
  • Real-Time Reconciliationhighlighting exposure discrepancies
  • Simplified Returns:Streamline the returns process with returns not recognized shown separately from settled and prepaid trades 
  • STP Connectivity to Tri-partyAgents and the ability to pre-match RQVs before submission 
  • Enhanced Control and Governance, ensuring that collateral transactions are executed as expected 

For more information about EquiLend Exposure’s unique features to help you effectively manage your collateral business, please contact us or visit our website.

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