Post-Trade Suite​

EquiLend PTS provides automation at every lifecycle event. Clients connect using our flexible OneFile submission process, which supports both start-of-day and intra-day activity. OneFile data feeds into our Unified Comparison engine—the nucleus of PTS. Trades are matched, paired and reconciled at a granular transaction level. Unified Comparison data is seamlessly transferred to other PTS services, covering your marks, exposure calculations, RQV, returns, dividends, settlement instructions and more, providing the ultimate transparency needed to manage risk, exceptions, and exposure on an intra-day basis 

UC also underpins our leading SFTR solution and ensures a CSDR-ready experience: all from one simple OneFile submission that can be fully automated from your system to ours. 

EquiLend’s comprehensive Post-Trade Suite (PTS) enables firms to transform workflow, decrease costs, drive scale and enhance efficiency.

All Post-Trade Services

EquiLend Exposure

Designed not only to help clients maximize their collateral but also streamline and enhance the underlying borrow/loan settlement process

Unified Comparison

Flexible, automated workflow management—the nucleus for post-trade lifecycle management

Returns & Recalls

Allows borrowers to automatically return assets borrowed through EquiLend or using another trading method

Settlement Instructions Repository

Automated service for central storage of all settlement instructions

Dividend Comparison

Easily compare manufactured dividend claims and transmit pre-advice for agreement on payment and reconciliation terms


Allows clients to post electronic bills to all counterparties, whether or not they are an EquiLend client

Mark-To-Market Comparison

Compare marks using customizable tolerances that can be adjusted based on collateral currency and mark amount

We recognize change is a constant and that your operational goals are unique. That’s why, at EquiLend, we offer a tailored and customized service that allows you to meet your objectives. We have invested heavily in PTS to ensure the product suite does not just meet the needs of today’s securities finance businesses but is as low-touch and as future-proof as possible.  

Our PTS team of experts stand at the ready to work with you to optimize your operations with a bespoke service offering that best fits your business.

ISF Awards 2021
Best Post-Trade Service Provider Americas, Globally
Remote & Rearranged: Securities Finance and The Future
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Iain Mackay

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