Collateral Trading Goes Digital With EquiLend CLT

Collateral Trading Goes Digital With EquiLend CLT

August 20, 2021

Collateral Trading (CLT) is EquiLend’s newest addition to its award-winning suite of trading products for securities finance. CLT is accessible through the same portal which services NGT, EquiLend’s market-leading SBL trading solution featuring over 100,000 trades across $110 billion in notional traded daily. CLT leverages existing infrastructure to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ proprietary trading systems.  

Beyond serving as a central trading hub, EquiLend’s Collateral Trading (CLT) service eradicates duplicative manual bookings while eliminating the risk inherent in rekeying trade details by offering seamless connectivity to post-trade using existing NGT messaging protocols. Lifecycle events such as recalls, transaction rolls and substitutions are handled through the platform and utilize existing EquiLend post-trade features to connect to existing technology without the need for additional build. 

EquiLend’s CLT provides insight for potential trading opportunities while giving firms the ability to view balances across counterparties and manage their baskets efficiently. It gives firms the capability to negotiate and agree on fixed, evergreen and extendable trade baskets. CLT implements this efficient and organized structure for basket trading all in one place.  

This technology is layered on a firm’s existing architecture as a future-scale solution that is not resource restrained. CLT includes complete transaction history for multi-year trades and proof of best execution across the marketplace. By tapping into these benefits, users can immediately transform their collateral trading activity: centralizing it, introducing new efficiencies, reducing risk, supporting SFTR and CSDR compliance and ultimately contributing to a transparent collateral market that provides historical benchmarking and up-to-date market data for users to better price and manage their liquidity profiles. 

Key Functionality

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